Sunday, November 30, 2008

Software 5 - A 68HC11 Disassembler

  • This page described a multi-pass code-seeking disassembler for the Motorola 68HC11 and other compatible processors includig the 6800, 6801, 6802, 6803, etc.
  • It includes a number of features to enhance the readability of traditional disassemblies.
  • It has been used by the author for various applications including disassembling GM (including Holden) vehicle ECMs.
Details can be found HERE

Recommended Product 2 - 68HC11 Developement Boards

  • New development board for the 68HC11 series of Microcontrollers from Motorola.
  • This board features in-circuit program download via the computer parallel port.
  • Programs can be easily compiled and downloaded directly onto the board, allowing rapid application development.
  • Board is suitable for use with a number of compilers and is a great learning tool for the 68HC11 series.
Details can be found HERE

Tutorial 3 - About the Motorola MC 68HC11

  • The 68HC11 is a powerful 8-bit data.
  • 16-bit address microcontroller from Motorola (Now Freescale) with an instruction set that is similar to the older 68xx (6801, 6805, 6809) parts.
  • Depending on the variety, the 68HC11 has built-in EEPROM/OTPROM, RAM, digital I/O, timers, A/D converter, PWM generator, and synchronous and asynchronous communications channels (RS232 and SPI).
  • Typical current draw is less than 10mA.
  • Optimized for low power consumption and high-performance operation at bus frequencies up to 4 MHz.
  • The CPU has two 8 bit accumulators (A & B) that can be concatenated to provide a 16 bit double accumulator (D).
  • Two 16 bit index registers are present (X & Y) to provide indexing to anywhere in the memory map.
  • Having the two index registers means the 68HC11 is very good for processing data.
Details can be found HERE

Recommended Project 3 - 68hc11 bootloader

  • This project designed by Mr.Karl Lunt.
  • This PC-based bootloader was written in 1995 for loading S19 records into most 68hc11 variants.
  • The program was written in Microsoft C and uses a COM port to talk to the target.
  • It's providing both the source file (bootload.c) and the executable (bootload.exe).
  • The source file needs no extra .h files other than those already available in the Microsoft set.
Details can be found HERE

Software 3 - 68HC11 In-Circuit Emulator

  • Great price/performance.
  • Non-intrusive real time emulation.
  • Connects to PC serial port.
  • Hosted by any computer with a serial port.
  • Software and Hardware breakpoints with 16 bit pass counter.
  • User reset with breakpoints active.
  • Automatic clock speed switching for better very low speed emulation.
  • Wide variety of emulation probe types makes device specific configuration easy and cost effective.
  • Accepts Motorola S-record and Intel Hex format object code files.
  • Protective housing with power supplies built in.
  • Unlimited free technical support.
Details can be found HERE

Software 2 - CC11 Compiler ANSI C for the 68HC11

  • The programming interface allows you to write a program, compile it, download it, and debug it.
  • The program can be written in assembly language, Basic, or C
Details can be found HERE

Recommended Project 2 - 68k Single Board Computer

  • This project was designed by famous Mr.Wichit Sirichote from thailand.
  • 68HC000 68-pin PLCC @8MHz.
  • Memory: SRAM 256kB (628128x2), FLASH 256kB (29C010x2).
  • GPIO: 8-bit output port, 8-bit input port.
  • UART: 6850 9600 8n1.
  • RTC: DS12887.
  • Glue logic: DTACK, memory/io decoder, Xilink XC9572 CPLD.
  • Monitor program: zBug V1.0 for 68000-Based Single Board Computer.
Details can be found HERE

Recommended Project 1 - Electronic Throttle Controller

  • This guy make a prototype Electronic Throttle Controller as his final year project at CPIT.
  • The system consists of a 68HC11 based main board.
  • A stepper motor and driver board.
  • A pedal position sensor and an engine speed sensor.
  • An Electronic Throttle Controller replaces the mechanical linkage between a cars accelerator pedal and throttle.
  • Breaking this linkage frees the designer to allow inputs from systems other than the drivers foot to control engine speed.
  • Such a system can be used in launch/traction control systems, gearbox controllers and anti-stall systems.
Details can be found HERE

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Software 1 - 68000 Editor, Assembler and Simulator

  • This software lets you write and test assembly language programs for the Motorola 68000 processor.
  • The program is designed to lets you edit, assemble and simulate 68000 programs in a Windows environment.
Details can be found HERE

Tutorial 2 - 68000 Assembly Tutorial v1.6

  • This tutorial also available in zip file.
  • Target of the audience is for beginners, internediate and advanced user.
  • There are brilliant guys there with many are really good at asm programming and have lots of experience which you can ask if have a problem.
Details can be found HERE