Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recommended Project 2 - 68k Single Board Computer

  • This project was designed by famous Mr.Wichit Sirichote from thailand.
  • 68HC000 68-pin PLCC @8MHz.
  • Memory: SRAM 256kB (628128x2), FLASH 256kB (29C010x2).
  • GPIO: 8-bit output port, 8-bit input port.
  • UART: 6850 9600 8n1.
  • RTC: DS12887.
  • Glue logic: DTACK, memory/io decoder, Xilink XC9572 CPLD.
  • Monitor program: zBug V1.0 for 68000-Based Single Board Computer.
Details can be found HERE

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